Amy Gaipa - TITANIC


Whether it's the way a shadow falls on a stretch of road or the torn hemline of a fur coat, I seem to have this running loop in my head…


This should be a film...


Pattern, shape, color and angles have always been at the cornerstone of the visual work I do.  I am continually piecing together visual stories in my imagination, kernels that could become photo essays and films.

I draw on the mysterious folktales told countless times by grandparents fiercely proud that they were the first of their family name to be born in the United States. Their parent's journeys began on cross-Atlantic ships, then building family homes and businesses while taking on farming in the remote wilds of Michigan in order to escape the drama of Chicago’s Near West Side.  This history sparked an exciting narrative that I hope to full flesh out one day into a completed photo essay or film.

I draw on a childhood that was set in a remote location on Lake Michigan that only now am I able to fully appreciate for its beauty and the well-spring of inspiration it afforded me when I was bored to tears.


I often capture little moments of other people’s lives where they live, where they eat, where they sit for a moment as the rest of the world goes by.  I stop in my tracks fully living a moment that may or may not have come to pass for them in reality but have a very clear beginning, middle and end in my mind’s eye.  I feel the tragedy sometimes a little too deeply and happily celebrate the small victories of people I will never meet but whose new incarnations I have fleshed out on paper are now intimate to me in my narrative. 


I am forever finding these stories, mining these nuggets of inspiration and comparing how the light on different continents completely changes what could be an ordinary experience no matter the location. 

I collaborated and filmed a video portrait series entitled #straightacting which was shown at McDaniel College in Maryland.  Prior to my gallery debut I conceived and directed two video portraits, one of which is MARCH.  


I am very interested in expanding on this idea of portraiture and tableau that is moving, breathing; its fluidity captured and played back as a collection around a central theme.

I look forward to working with you in front of or behind the camera...

actor - director - producer - teacher

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